Tuesday, May 17, 2005


The Coldplay it's okay to like, Radiohead, are back in the studio, according to websites on the internet. Even so, it's unlikely we'll have anything tangible from the new sessions in time for the gifting period of Christmas.

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Anonymous said...

'The Coldplay it's okay to like?' Oh Simon, you let us down. Can't you do a Mefi callout without slagging Radiohead? You make us sad. You make the baby Jesus cry. You make us welcome our new overlords with downcast expressions.

Linking Coldplay with RH is perfectly acceptable as long as the phrases 'dumbed down', 'ripped off', and 'put in a blender and pressing the button for 'inoffensively mainstream'' are applied. Cheers.


A wounded Mefite and RH fan

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