Tuesday, May 17, 2005


The most surprising thing about the news that Trent Reznor has been relieved of millions - it's claimed - is that even after years of being robbed blind, he's still got three million dollars worth of assets. Presumably it's off the back of tshirt sales. Anyway, as happens so often, it's down to the accountant and former friend John Malm. In court yesterday, Reznor claimed that Malm bounced him in to signing a deal which gave Malm 20% - but twenty per cent of Reznor's earnings before tax.

But is it fair for Reznor to whine? He did sign the deal, and it's not like anyone tied him up and forced him. Actually, he'd probably be happier being tied up and forced. There's just something a little odd about seeing Reznor put on a suit and tie, wash the 'FUCKPIGS' off his briefcase and pop into the straight world to try and get his cash back.

Everything - even light S&Mpop - is just a business.

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