Tuesday, May 03, 2005


As we're sure you will have seen on the news over the weekend, Limp Bizkit have redesigned their website and their logo - it's the sort of hackneyed soviet-style and burning buildings thing that 13 year olds who've bought (but not read) the Communist Manifesto might doodle. But let's let Fred tell all, from his blog:

the new site is finished and being posted soon. i am happy to say i had fun with this release of the unquestionable truth part one. as you can see we don't give a shit about what anyone has to say about the new album and very much enjoy watching it get a rise out of a lot of you idiots and insects who can't comprehend it. miles of amusement for the soul.

Ah! We thought it was just an over-designed attempt to try and produce something that might look like one of the smaller adverts in Maximum Rock & Roll, in a bid to try and pretend that although Fred Durst lives in a massive, modern house paid for by various endorsements and selling records, he's actually still hardcore. But now we realise we just don't understand it. Although... if Fred doesn't care at all what people think about the new album, how does he manage to get any pleasure of any sort out of people who get it wrong? Either you don't care, or you do, surely?

also, we love love love the people begging for "screaming", etc. because it reassures us how many in the world are truly stuck in the dark and haven't learned to just shut the fuck up and listen for once in their lives. that means there is hope for evolution in a sick sick way.

To be honest, we really don't understand this. Anyone?

do what you have to do and say what you have to say to let everyone know you are you and your intentions, thoughts, concerns, worries, hopes, dreams, and opinions are all that matter to you and only you because you will, or maybe already do, realize that the only one who really cares is you.

Which would have been the most self-aware thing Fred has ever said on his blog, were it not for the way the message boards are going "Yeah! Right on, Fred! We agree totally with what you say, Fred."

you have no idea what is coming

You mean it's not a pisspoor rock album written by someone whose lifestyle and temprament is probably more suited to producing a country album?

... and we think that is sincere and genuine. TUTP1 is your first little dabble in the tangled web you are about to be stuck in. your life as you know it will reinvent itself now and we have nothing to do with it.

Yes, I can feel that my life is reinventing itself - I'm now called Eithnee, a lapdancer from a club in Nantes.

There's a later post, from April 26th:

as you know or have heard TUTP1 is a fugitive. some insults are blessings and as hard as it is to misinterpret "too anxious" for "true support", we hope may third will still be a day to remember for those who are in for the long haul. as confusing as it seems from our perspective we embrace your decisions as a whole.

as for the experience, seven songs on repeat will get inside the soul and cleanse the mirk that lines the inactive chambers of your lost desires. for those about to rock, we salute you.

Yes, truly this will be a day that we all remember forever more. And, before anyone wonders why we didn't go for a cheap shot at "mirk", it is a perfectly acceptable alternative for "murk". Assuming you're writing in the 17th Century, which, having heard the album, we would suggest would be about right for Fred.

We're a little puzzled by the "fugitive" business - we assume he means that the tracks have "leaked" onto the internet, but since he actually put up the tracks and said "here you go", we'd say that made the tracks less fugitive, more a marketing gesture. A free sample, like some shampoo in a packet inside a magazine.

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