Wednesday, May 18, 2005


Truly, she is the people's pop princess. The death of Kylie Minogue has united the British papers in grief:

- although neither the Independent nor the Morning Star care enough, it seems. Oh, hang on, she's not actually dead, is she?

We were surprised that the Telegraph decided not to run with a picture of Kylie in showgirl gear - it says something about the gravity of the situation they elected to go with a Jackie O modern suffering pic instead. Albeit balanced with Nigella Lawson in a low-cut frock.

The tabs, on the whole, are pretty upbeat. The Mirror has Kylie pledging that "I'll beat it just like my dad":

- although we'd not known she'd ever beaten her dad. The Sun, of course, knows what we can all do to help:

Wear a wristband - that'll show it.

For some reason, the Daily Express has chosen to run a photo which seems to be from about seventy years ago:

And the Mail has decided to offer some advice - chin up, Kylie:

The Daily Star cannot look away from the dark shadow hanging over the future, however:

Yes, the morons who have polluted their mobile phones with the "crazy" frog ringtone are about to pollute the charts with a spin-off single. Makes Is This The Way To Amarillo seem like a joy, doesn't it?

But even the Star is upbeat about Kylie's future. Indeed, the real reason why the UK media is treating the news about Kylie's illness as if she'd died is precisely because she's not going to, not now, not like this. It'd be really brilliant for Kylie to see such a range of positive, upbeat coverage.

Unfortunately, she's in Australia, Which isn't being quite so positive:


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