Tuesday, June 28, 2005


Nobody's really wanted to come out and say that a large part of Delta Goodrem's career has been based on her succesfully overcoming cancer, but it's been at the back of everyone's minds - go on, give 'er a go, she's had it tough. But, of course, nobody has ever been quite so crass as to play the cancer card explicitly. Until now. Faced with sluggish ticket sales for her current tour, Delta's effectively doing press pointing out the nearly dying stuff, simultaneously blaming the cancer for poor sales and trying to guilt-trip the audience into going to see her and Kerry McFadden's husband:

Australian pop singer Delta Goodrem said Monday that time out battling lymphatic cancer earlier this year is to blame for slow ticket sales for her national concert tour that begins in Perth early in July.

"I haven't got to connect with everyone because I was behind four walls in a hospital for a while," Goodrem said of her successful treatment for lymphatic cancer.

Is this the same Delta who expressed horror when people suggested she use the cancer to sell records now using it as an excuse?

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