Monday, June 27, 2005


Liam Gallagher really has entered into the spirit of Live 8 - regretting that Oasis won't be able to take part because, erm, it would be a great chance to blow Robbie Williams off stage. Not that Liam isn't sympathetic to the aims of Live 8, of course:

"it's fucking awareness and all that stuff."

An awareness that requires input from Liam Gallagher to raise it isn't so much an awareness as a barely-macrobiotic ignorance, surely?

But really, Liam's sole interest is using the death of a child from starvation every three seconds as a neat way of continuing a feud between the smallest brows in rock:

"I just love to go on and do four fucking songs and really fucking rip it up. Come in and fucking bang it with fucking four of your classics.

"And walk off. And fucing flick Robbie Williams in the eye and say: "Follow that you dick!"

This isn't to say there isn't a role for Gallagher in sorting out Africa, though - what say we send him off to debate the finer points of policy with Mugabe?

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