Saturday, June 18, 2005


We love the idea that Johnny Borrell and Andy Burrows have written up a secret plan for the second Razorlight album (we're guessing "like the first one, only hire a string quartet for one of the ballads") and then sealed it up in an envelope. We're not certain, but we'd imagine they also encoded the plan using a superspecial spycode ring. Anyway, there's trouble in paradise, as now bassist Carl Dalemo wants to add his views. He, almost literally, wants to push the envelope.

"I haven’t seen Andy and Johnny’s blueprint. I should probably do one myself and put it in the same envelope and see how right I was. I don’t know what they did but I think they wrote the songs down they thought would be on the album."

We're far from clear why they wrote the songs and put them in an envelope. Perhaps they're worried that The Ordinary Boys might be sending in an industrial espionage person.