Saturday, June 18, 2005


Oasis couldn't have played Live 8 if they'd wanted to, because they're thick - sorry, because they're already booked up to play Manchester on the day of the gig, and because they're thick - and, indeed, they're so dense Noel Gallagher can't quite seem to work out what his stance on the concert is:

"If it was possible, it would be nice to take part. It's the general thing that rock stars should be doing something to fucking sort this out. And it's like, 'Well, all right, that's what Bono and Chris Martin are for.'

"I don't like the way that somebody suddenly decides that all the bands in England are going to fuckin' play and everybody jumps to attention."

So, it would be nice to take part but it's awful that someone decides to hold a gig and wants people to take part in it. How would it be nice to play in something that you feel pissed off is b... oh, mother...