Monday, June 13, 2005


It might be a sign that the Daily Mirror has finally decided that chasing an elusive youth market is taking it nowhere; their big music splash this morning is Pink Floyd signing up for Live 8:

Mind you, the Independent is reaching even further back, giving a sizeable chunk of their front page over to Jeff Wayne and his War of the Worlds double album - the stunt cover about Tales From Topographic Oceans can only be days away:

The Daily Star instead knows where its audience are - primary school, most of them, so its Live 8 story focuses on McFly, instead. And they're not actually claiming they have 42,000 tickets to give away for the London event - it's just their headline about the opening of ticket lines for the Scotland Live Midge event may give that impression:

The Star's main story is the Kerry Katona publicity wagon attempting to counter yesterday's News of the World splash which basically damned her as a hopeless, coke-addled crashzone. You'll note the angle they're going for is less "Kerry isn't a hopeless, coke-addled crashzone"; rather how "betrayed" she feels by her best friend who went to the papers.

And finally, we're suspecting the front of the Mail might have been cut off before the bottom - unless the phrase "Charlotte Flies" is a complete headline; could the new Anastacia meets Haliwell single be attracting flies already?