Tuesday, June 14, 2005


The Jackson jury, having made the world wait, then chose a really bad time for the British press to send Jackson back out into the world. The Express was able to pick it up for their early editions, though - probably because even they're bored of the constant attempts to prove Diana was murdered:

The Sun's cover looks a little rushed, too (almost as if they'd not expected to be running this sort of story:

The American papers, who had slightly longer to come to terms with the news, don't quite seem to be approaching Jackson as man wrongly accused of a terrible crime, more as a bloke who should be settling down for a twilight years stretch as a figure of fun. The New York Post runs a picture of Macauly Culkin (child version) with the phrase "He beat it" underneath - which is both grammatically wrong and, surely, not what Mac said:

The Daily News, also, can barely conceal its snicker:

American-based Jacko fans might be better off sticking to the Spanish-language El Nuevo Herald for their scrapbooks:

As Jackson arrived at court yesterday, a BBC reporter pointed out that "this is Jackson at his most sober" - which, as the Austrian Kleine Zeitung shows, meant just a three-tone armband and a massive Alan Partridge style blazer badge:

At least the Jerusalem Post gives him some dignity:

Back in Britain, and away from the circus, the Independent is getting excited by the Pink Floyd near-reunion:

And, more seriously, the Star claims to have found evidence of Live 8 ticket toutery:

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