Wednesday, July 27, 2005


Goodness, what a to-do - Phil Collins is all red-faced and angry with the Oasis brothers because they suggested that he might be a Tory. In fact, Phil got straight onto that internet to complain:

Hi All, I wrote this a while ago after reading the Gallagher's talking about voting Labour if only to keep me from coming back to England. I took offence at that and wrote this, but sat on it... however in the light of the Mirror piece I'm prepared to post it and be d**ned....

Before I say anything.. let the minutes of this meeting show brothers, that I like a fair bit of what THE OASIS do. They remind me of BEATLES.... a great band and I like being reminded of BEATLES.
If you were there the first time round, you might think THE OASIS were a bit similar, what with that Liam and his attitude and his brother Noel... thinking they are as good as them BEATLES. Fact is.... they are a bit pale compared to them BEATLES..... I am, we all are.... Now Liam is just a clot... bop him round the head, and wake him up... Noel is smarter... but only just.... Just because they write a tune or two that reminds us of BEATLES we swoon a bit and reminisce.... but it's only nostalgia really.


I'd like to grab an opportunity to finally lay to rest a much quoted untruth about my Political leanings.
I have never been a Conservative, or at least not since being a young teenager. My Father voted Conservative, and even his doing that was a hangover from the 50's and 60's, which may have been an influence on me. I'm sick and tired of being thrown in that same old box... "he's got money.... so he must be..." I once said that if taxes were put up to a level where the Government took home more than me, then I would consider moving out of the Country. The Conservatives were in at that point and I mentioned Labour... if Labour had been in, I would have mentioned Conservative. It was said to make a point over 15 years ago. No one’s asked me since. I don't care if Noel Gallagher likes my music or not.... I do care if he starts telling people I'm a wanker because of my Politics.... an opinion based on an old misunderstood quote.

I live outside the UK purely because my wife lived here when we met.

End of story.


It is unfair of Noel to call Collins a wanker because of his party politics when there's so many more reasons to call him a wanker. For example, the way he recorded the hymn to the homeless Another Day In A Paradise and then stepped outside the studio and decided to not give a homeless person a red cent.

We also notice that Collins does seem to actually be - for all his protestations - espousing a view that is, essentially, anti-Socialist (to each according to their needs, from each according to his abilities) and ever-so-slightly greedy. We'd be inclined to think that what has changed in the last fifteen years is not Collins' politics, but those of the Labour party. There is something slightly crushing about a chap who was a Tory when he was a teenager, isn't there?


Ric said...

ITV (or channel 4 or 5, I don't care...) should listen to me more often:

Obnoxious musicians fight club!

Throw in THE PHIL now he's nice and bitter, THE OASIS, THE KASABIAN(as we know how well they get along,) a good bit of THE CHARLOTTE CHURCH, and THE KELLY OSBOURNE and we'd have some quality entertainment.

Robin said...

A lot of people of Collins' age were Tory sympathisers as teenagers, having previously supported Labour because they were excited by all that white-heat-of-technology stuff. The reason for this is simple: the existence of the Marine Offences Act (the real starting point for Thatcherism).

Eric2 said...

Dammit, where's the Lemur?

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