Wednesday, July 27, 2005


Paul McCartney appears to be hoping for a Living TV show, if his latest round of interviews is anything to go by: apparently, George Harrison co-wrote it with him. Despite being, you know, dead:

Sir Paul said he wrote Waiting For Your Friends To Go with help from Harrison, who died in 2001.

"I just got this feeling, this is George," he told Tom Robinson on BBC digital station 6 Music. "I was like George - writing one of his songs."

"It just wrote itself very easily because it wasn't even me writing it."

Sir Paul said he was remained unsure about the meaning of the song's lyrics.

"I thought, OK, the 'waiting on the other side' is also a little bit loaded, it can be crossing the river Jordan or whatever, that sort of thing. There's a little bit of double meaning there," he said.

"It was funny, particularly the second verse: 'I've been sliding down a slippy slope, I've been climbing up a slowly burning rope.' I just thought - it's a George song."

He's not actually thinking of donating half his fee to the Harrison estate, oddly enough.

Macca then asked if any listener had recently lost a "man with a beard... I'm seeing the initial J... or it could be an S... or... maybe it's a woman..."

[Thanks to Lucy Berrie for the tip on this one]

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