Wednesday, July 06, 2005


After the scandal of the Milton Keynes Bowl taking water off teenage kids at the entrance to the Green Day gig and then flogging it back to them at GBP2.50 a pop, there's been a further flurry of anger over the Summer XS gig the weekend before last at the venue. What was sold as a family fun day event with Charlotte Church turned a bit sour for some groups - as not only were grandmothers relieved of their drinks as they attempted to go into the venue, but stewards also took picnics off families as well. Talking to the MK Citizen, a spokesperson for the Bowl explained this away as being for the gig-goers own safety, as plates and knives can cause injuries.

Luckily, all manner of greasy, unhealthy food was available inside the venue - at a small premium, but surely that's not so bad: after all, what's a few quid when you might otherwise be injuring yourself with your own plastic picnic plate. Thank God the Milton Keynes Bowl has been prepared to take a stand and say "enough is enough - no more picnic plate injuries", even although they know it might look like they were a bunch of greedy sods trying to force people to buy food from their concession stands inside. I'm not sure, but don't they give out Nobel Prizes for things like this?