Thursday, July 07, 2005


Band fall-outs are quite often staggering things - simmering discontent, sniping, cold hard stares backstage, trooping onto the Murrayfield stage for Live 8 and not making eye contact with each other but still doing another album just because the last one sold. But they rarely end up with some of the band asking a judge to throw their former colleagues into chokey.

The Hollies, then, have set a new benchmark by going to court to have bassist Eric Haydock jailed for trading under the band name. They won a court order in 1998 forbidding him from playing as "The Hollies", but, apparently, Haydock has been overstepping what he's allowed to do (he could, apparently, still call himself an ex-Hollies). The band do wring their hands:

Stephen Glover QC, representing the band, told Mr Justice Etherton: "The view of the complainants is that British prisons are full enough and they wish no imprisonment to occur to any of the defendants but they know of no other means of stopping this."

This curious waste of everyone's times and the nation's precious resources continues.

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