Thursday, July 07, 2005


It's disappointing to see Razorlight twisting in the wind when challenged over what they're going to do with the extra cash their Live 8 performance brought in:

"Razorlight have been involved in Make Poverty History for the past six months,” explained [Johnny Borrell]. “Make Poverty History is an awareness campaign, however if the band earn any money from increased sales we will donate it to charity."

Incredibly disingenuous - yes, MPH was an awareness campaign, but why does that make it okay to make money off the back of it? (After all, we didn't see Borrell standing up when Goldsmith and Geldof were lambasting people for making money from selling on their tickets saying 'don't worry, Bob, it's just an awareness campaign'). And let's not forget, of course, that Razorlight were one of the bands whose label scheduled advertising on prime time telly the next night.

Of course, it's really the labels who should be coughing up the extra cash they're making. And yet they seem to be very, very quiet.

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