Sunday, July 24, 2005

INDIEOBIT: Patrick Sherry

The Leeds Club NME date ended nastily on Wednesday night when Bad Beat Revue singer Patrick Sherry flung himself off the stage, sustaining fatal injuries. Eyewitnesses at the Leeds Warehouse date say 25 year-old Sherry attempted to grab the lighting rig, misjudged his leap (or possibly lost his grip) and crashed head-first into the ground. The night came to a premature end as Sherry was rushed to the Leeds General Infirmary, where he died on Thursday morning.

The band had been together for three years - curiously, a This is Fake DIY review of them earlier this year had suggested the excessive behaviour of Sherry detracted from the efforts of his band. They'd picked up a number of support roles around the city as well headlining most of the Leed's indie venues; they'd been added to Wednesday night's Club NME bill when the original support act had had to pull out at short notice.

Warehouse manager Graham Hartley told the Yorkshire Evening Post "it was just a tragic accident and our thoughts are with his friends and family, as well as the rest of the band and their manager."


Joanne Beaven said...

How utterly offensive your article is. You should be ashamed and should make a very public apology. To say that Pat's efforts as a truly entertaining and energetic frontman distracted from the efforts of the band is nothing short of ludicrous, and has not had a hint of support in any other review. To then repeat such an ill advised statement following the tragic death of this wonderful artiste, implying he brought itupon himself is a heanous crime.

Anonymous said...

You absolute twats

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