Sunday, July 24, 2005


Walking one-woman disaster area Mindy McCready has now got a while heap of other problems to go with her outstanding legal troubles - she's now facing five charges in Arizona resulting from what her people are saying is assistance she gave the police in trapping an alleged conman. Her attorney Dennis Tomlin claimed McCready was surprised to hear about the charges:

"I understand that she helped the authorities in Arizona take down a con artist that conned her and 35 other celebrities, and she also helped the authorities in Florida identify him," Tomlin said.

"She did not know that she had been charged … period. She was under the impression that with her assistance in taking down this con artist, that she was free and clear," Tomlin said.

McCready is charged with two counts of unlawful use of transportation, one count each of taking the identity of another, attempted fraudulent schemes and artifices, unlawful imprisonment and hindering prosecution.

McCready is also wading through DUI charges and under three years probation for fraudulent pharmecutical possessions.