Thursday, July 28, 2005


It must be hard being oin Good Charlotte. People just don't take you seriously as it is - what with you being the Hey, It's The King to Green Day's Happy Days, and then, when you do get a to do an interview, all people want to talk about is your girlfriend's teeth. No wonder Joel Madden is fuming about things in his online diary:

"Here it is: wow kids I had quite an interesting day of press. I had an interview today with my favorite VJ from MuchMusic. I actually enjoy her interviews, cause she usually askes the most intelligent interesting questions about our music, and well today, she asked me one of the wierdest dumbest questions ever. She asked me if I liked my girlfriends teeth? At what point does a credible journalist like that go 'What did I just say?' I wonder if she felt stupid or embarassed afterwards? We are at a show, talking about music and fashion and fans and all that good stuff, and bam she hits me with that. I wonder if she was thinking 'What the fuck did I just say?' Like the question just slipped out like a fart. Haha. It's wierd how journalist and radio DJ's and television people get away with saying the dumbest shit. No one ever calls them on it. like they can criticize people all day long, but no one ever notices the dumb shit they say. I really hope next time we talk she sticks to the music. She is still my favorite VJ. Knowing Much, they will probally put this shit on TV. haha.""

Obviously, dating Hilary Duff ("any girl at all") must make things tricky for Joel - and we guess that the teeth thing would have pushed him over the edge, as we'd imagine he gets that all the time from the rest of the band ("so, Joel, is it true ladies have teeth down there?"), but seriously... what are Much Music meant to ask you about, then? The Kyoto protocol?