Monday, July 11, 2005


Not that anybody believed him for a moment, it being the second explanation of why he was so shit at Live8, but Peaches Geldof (the UK's answer to Paris Hilton - Bermondsey Travelodge?) has denied that she even touched Doherty, much less asked him back to hers for a bunk-up:

"I was standing with my dad and my boyfriend of two years at the time. It is ridiculous to say I would make a pass at Pete in
front of them. And how could I whisper over the noise of the band?"

In an even more devastating blow, she also trashes the claims that she wanted Doherty to be there in the first place, claiming it was Pixie, her younger sister, who persuaded Bob to allow Pete to come along. There's an unspoken but clear implication that Doherty is more of a children's entertainer than a teen hero.

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