Friday, August 12, 2005


The cops were all over Babyshambles last night, grabbing the band's equipment. The police were called to the band's Duke of Clarence gig in London by environmental health after complaints about noise. The band have flown out today to a date at the Oya Festival in Norway minus amps; they're hoping to borrow some stuff there. Although, to be honest, if Pete Doherty came up to you and said "could I have a lend of your guitar, mate", you'd have to be very trusting to say "there you go, pal..."

Meanwhile, the organisers of Lost Vagueness have denied that Pete and Kate will be playing there this weekend (probably because they're in Norway. Unless, erm, they were going to fly BA to Norway...)

Actually turning up to Lost Vagueness, by the way, will be the totally more glamourous Priscillas. They're there on Friday night.

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