Friday, August 12, 2005


Paul McCartney - who, you'll recall, likes to believe he's pretty easy-going as press coverage is concerned - has been on the phone again:

"I tried to let it go over my head, but these columnists got too vindictive. I could see it was hurting Heather. I got a few cuttings together. I couldn't believe it.

"There was one where this woman was saying, 'What is she doing opening a cosmetics company?' And then it went, 'She's not even pretty.'

"I thought, 'Excuse me, I'm ringing her up.' I was like, 'How dare you write all this [bleep]? I'm her husband. I've seen the picture at the top of your column and you're really not pretty. And then you've got it wrong about the cosmetics company. She's actually doing a cosmetics cover for an artificial leg. She's helping people. Do your bloody research.'"

It's noble of Paul to defend his wife so vigorously when people make her look stupid. Pity he didn't get on the phone when she was asked to appear on Question Time...

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