Tuesday, August 23, 2005


Sylvia Price, the woman who was threatened by the BPI because, they alleged, her daughter had been offering uploads of songs by the likes of Coldplay, has had to give in. Because she can't afford to cover the costs of the court case, she's offered a settlement of £2,500.

Obviously, she can't afford that, either - so she's going to be paying twenty quid a month to the BPI for the next decade. We wonder if they're going to send someone round to knock on the door once a month.

Still, its a brilliant earner for the BPI, isn't it? Send huge cash demands to people who can't afford to test their liability in court, and sit back and let the cash roll in as they're bounced into signing up to a loan-shark style monthly payment for the rest of their working lives. But remember: technically, kids, this isn't extortion.

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