Tuesday, August 23, 2005


Back in April, you'll recall, there was the curious case of Michelle Heaton, who claimed she'd had her drink spiked with a date rape drug, because there was no way she could have been drunk as she'd only had a couple of drinks.

Now, it seems, the same thing has happened to fellow ITV Popstars contestant Javine:

“It was so frightening. One minute Javine was fine and having a laugh, and the next she had wiped out. It takes more than two glasses of wine for Javine to get merry, so we all knew something wasn’t right.

“We took her back to her flat, which is nearby, and put her to bed. She was really ill the next day and missed her rehearsal for ITV’s Disco Mania show.

“She couldn’t eat a thing all day, felt really woozy and said it was like being poisoned. At one point, Javine was being sick.

So you think your friend had been poisoned with an unknown substance, and you take her home and leave her in her bed?

If it is the case that Javine had her drink spiked, that's clearly horrific, and we hope that Javine and her team have reported the incident to the police. Because, of course, nobody would sink to claiming their drinks were spiked to explain away missing rehearsals. Would they?

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