Wednesday, August 03, 2005


While we're sure that there's more to the story that Gorillaz have taken their planned cartoon version of their album away from Dreamworks, let's take them at their word for now. Damon Albarn has suggested that Speilberg's studio just doesn't understand the 'concept' behind the idea of making a movie about the two-dimensional characters. Hmm. If you were going to make a film, would you rather side with Albarn and Jamie 'did a bloody good job bringing Tank Girl to the screen without completely trashing any residual respect for your creation because there was nothing bloody, eye-gougingly awful about Ice T dressed up as some shabby kangaroo and the casting of Lori Petty about whom we can't say anything nice so we'll say nothing at all, didn't you' Hewlett, or the man who made Duel and Jaws?


Make your own mind up:

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Kit said...

be fair, Hewlett responded to the Tank Girl film by releasing a miniseries at the same time that savagely took the piss out of the movie, then washed his hands of the character and went off to make some real money...

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