Wednesday, August 03, 2005


There's a lot of rumours flinging themselves about regarding Lookout Records, with some sources claiming the US label has crashed into financial difficulties following the decision of Green Day to remove their early albums from the outfit. That move has also lead to suggestions that Lookout hasn't been entirely dilligent in paying Green Day royalties - similar claims surfaced back when Screeching Weasel took their first recordings elsewhere. Lookout, however, suggest otherwise:

After a tremendously successful decade and a half-long relationship with Lookout Records, Green Day is taking the reigns of their Lookout albums, "1039/Smoothed-Out Slappy Hours" and "Kerplunk" as well as their EPs "1000 Hours" and "Slappy." There are no details as of yet as to what the band has planned for these great early releases but "1039/Smoothed..." was already the subject of a successful remastered reissue in early 2004 and both albums are certified Gold.

Green Day are an incredible force in music and Lookout Records is proud to have been their first home. Despite any rumors or conjecture to the contrary, Lookout and Green Day's long relationship has always been based on trust, friendship and partnership and those bonds remain shared between the label and the band now and into the future.

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Anonymous said...

It's good to see that like so many, many people, the PR folk at Lookout Records cannot spell 'reins'.

Taking the reins - it's a horse management metaphor, guys. What the hell is 'taking the reigns' supposed to relate to, something to do with the royals?

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