Thursday, August 11, 2005


Like that mid-afternoon Glastonbury slot, the appearance of a duets-style album is a sign of someone who has achieved critical success but still needs to find a way to pay for the replacement of their gas boiler. The latest to record with a bunch of the modish is Herbie Hancock, lumbered with having to pretend that recording with Christian Aguilera and Joss Stone is some sort of career highlight:

"When we put out the feelers, I had no idea what would happen. I'd never met John Mayer. I knew Sting. But I'd never met Christina Aguilera or Joss Stone or Lisa Hannigan or Jonny Lang or Trey Anastasio.

"When we got the feedback, and it was 'yes' from everywhere, it really shocked me - and pleased me."

Still, at least he seems to have been spared the Bono horror.