Thursday, August 11, 2005


We're wondering how annoyed TOTP are that the most exciting thing to happen on the programme in years didn't actually happen on the programme. Meanwhile, The Magic Numbers have launched into a justification of their walkout:

“Basically, we thought it was uncalled for, we were introduced in a bad manner, and it was just not funny. We were really excited about appearing on ’Top Of The Pops’, it was a dream for us, and we got up there, and there was no way we could have played the song after that…

“It's fine, the way I see it is it's done and dusted, we walked out, we just wanted to stand up for ourselves. With any reviews and in interviews, people always mention it, but we're like everyone else, we're able to take a joke. We're not over sensitive about it, we feel confident and cool about ourselves and think we look great as a band.

“We just thought within an introduction from a presenter, it's like, you're not going to say, 'Here's a young guy with blinding talent, here's Stevie Wonder', you wouldn't say that.”

Asked if ’TOTP’ presenter Richard Bacon had apologised, Stodart said that he had no problem with the presenter himself.

He added: “I didn't even know who he was until after. When people said that people don't even like him, I thought ‘That doesn't matter’, it was just the fact that someone said it when they shouldn't have.”

We're still not ay the wiser as to if they were really offended or not - after all, this was a rehearsal; if it was such a big deal, they could have had a word with the producer and asked that the intro be re-written before the broadcast - walking out seems to be an over-reaction even if there was offence; for a band who are confident and able to take a joke, the packing up and stropping out seems to be enormo... sorry, wildly ill-judged.

The one thing we can't figure - if Bacon was having a pop at them, why didn't go after the beards?


jona said...

"Asked if ’TOTP’ presenter Richard Bacon had apologised, Stodart said that he had no problem with the presenter himself."

But but but it was him who said those horrible words.

ian said...

I make sure I say "FAT" every day to ensure that I am not bothered by the magic numbers

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