Wednesday, August 03, 2005


Coldplay are giving Channel 4 the first go on their new video, Fix You, tonight at 10.50pm (yes, it's being given a premiere, like they did with proper event videos in the past, although they seem to have cut Big Brother short to fit it in, so no complaints there, then). But if you really can't wait that long, it's being shown to registered users right now.

Go on, go and look if you must. We'll try to hide our disappointment.


Anonymous said...

It's also on MTV2 every half hour throughout the night, though the concensus here is that CM sounds like a trapped boy.

dr entropy said...

Having turned on the telly to watch nip/tuck I was forced to put up with self-absorbed mimbling droning instead. At leat he didn't have birds going faster than the speed of sound this time, which is a probably unintentionally funny image. And at least it gave me time to go and make tea.

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