Wednesday, August 03, 2005


Good god, if standing up on stage and opening and closing his mouth in time to the words left even Lee Ryan feeling that he was being understimulated by being in Blue, can you imagine what it would have felt like if someone smarter had found themselves trapped in the band?

"We lost that thing of singing live. We didn't do that towards the end and I didn't want to mime. The satisfaction in the job had gone and doing it for the money was too shallow. The reason I left Blue was that I wasn't giving it my all or concentrating on it, I believed I should have been giving it 100%. All of us had lost interest in the music. Without that, the rest was bullshit."

Lee Ryan may find himself ruing the high artistic standards he's set for himself there. Lip-synching a few light tunes might prove slightly easy than trying to juggle two plates of those TGI Fridays fajita towers, two diet cokes and a side of onion rings.

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