Wednesday, August 03, 2005


Actually, it's more the spirit of having gone down the stairs, out onto the street, driven home, had a couple of nights sleep, and come up with a response. Fearne Cotton has now come up with what she should have said when Robbie Williams asked her out during Live8. Can you guess what she now wishes she'd replied?

A) Ha - I get it, you're showing that you're not gay
B) You make my flesh crawl, you odious berk, and the fact that every time you're near a woman in front of a camera you make this great play of hitting on them doesn't make you endearing, it makes you look like a bloke who goes to a speed-dating night and finds that the two minutes of talking to another human being creates rather an awkward gap of empty, unfilled time
C) Wow - that would boost my profile at a time when, frankly, the move of TOTP to BBC2 is making me feel like a person careering towards the 'Whatever Happened To...' column of my local paper, so, yes

The answer is, as I'm sure you've guessed, C. Still, now she's got "I was asked out by Robbie Williams on TV", she at least can build herself a couple of extra weeks of press interest.

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