Wednesday, August 10, 2005


Apologies for the possiblity that this might be mistyped, but at the moment our eyes are rolling about in our head in an uncontrolable fashion as we read that Chris Martin likes Tony but doesn't want to be seen with him:

"I'm not going to go. I really like Tony Blair. He's interested in the same things as I am - he plays the guitar and he always gives the impression of doing what he can to help. But I don't particularly want to be photographed with him at the moment."

Well, there you go - stand up for what you believe in, young man. The music industry used to be packed with guilty Tories - still is, in fact, as Phil Collins' recent "everyone assumesd I'm Tory" outburst proves - and now we're getting a new breed of guilty Christian Democrats. Either you support what Blair does, or you don't - and the only thing worse than someone who "likes" a politician because he plays guitar is someone whose prepared to offer someone support, providing they don't actually have to stand up and be counted.


Robin said...

Of course Chris Martin is going to be a neo-Thatcherite at heart; he's a public school man in pop music, as legitimised by Thatcherism's simultaneous attack on working-class culture while *at the same time* undermining middle-class resistance to commercialism for the sake of the market economy (the full success of the former was only really made possible by the latter - if the former had happened but the latter had not, the working classes could still have dominated pop music even in a deunionised, post-Scargill climate).

A public school man in pop music is no more likely to attack a neo-Thatcherite leader than a lifelong anti-Semite would have been likely to attack Hitler. As with much else in the New Centre Ground, it makes you think that the old guard of public school men, with their resistance to 51st Statism and rampant commercialism, may not have been all that bad (despite their innumerable faults).

Anonymous said...

Using your skill and judgment, rearrange the words above into a coherent argument.

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