Wednesday, August 10, 2005


Good grief, how soft and gentle are the American paparazzi? In the UK, they think nothing of being smashed in the face three or four times a night in order to get a fuzzy shot of one of the Girls Aloud kissing a third-division footballer; while in the US, Brad Diaz gets grazed by a pellet gun, and it's off to court he goes:

Kelly Davis, the office manager at Diaz's X17 agency, tells The Post's Bill Hoffmann: "This was an uncalled for act of aggression. Brad has a bullet lodged deep into his skin. He could have been hit in the eye and blinded. He could have been hit in the head and killed. It's not funny. I was told by people at the scene that police officers talking to Britney's bodyguards were sort of standing around laughing at it. People don't like paparazzi, but it's not a good reason to shoot at them."

Well, there's never a good reason to shoot at anyone, of course, and it's rude, but isn't there something a little overstated about this? "Had it been a real gun, and pointed somewhere else, his head could have exploded like a watermelon..."

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