Wednesday, August 17, 2005


Oh, it was all going so well for Marilyn Manson - he'd found a corner of the world where the authorities were still prepared to play along with his publicity machine. There was Croatia, all up in arms and fuming about plans for Mazza to come and turn their kids into drug-addled satanists by wearing some ill-fitting pvc and eyeliner. Just like the old days, before even USA Today twigged that he was little more than an aging businessman peddling half-hearted goth to the suburbs. Then up stands Father Anton Bobas, who goes and spoils it all:

"How could Manson turn young people into Satanists and drug-addicts in the two hours of his act," daily newspaper Vjesnik quoted priest Anton Bobas as saying.

Yeah, Anton's right, you know: he's just not got the skill to do that. Indeed, these days he's so going through the motions he'd have trouble turning the kids into purchasers of his last album in two hours.

Bobas does throw him a line of support, though:

Despite the music, Manson was a rather dark persona and he would not recommend anyone -- especially young people -- to attend the concert, he said.

Bobas knows that for all the oh-look-mummy-a-man-wearing-eyeliner-whoever-heard-of-such-a-headfuck posturing, Marilyn is no more likely to turn society on his head now than he was when he looked like this:

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