Wednesday, August 17, 2005


Operators are standing by to deal with your calls as the nation comes to terms with the news that Posh is knocking the music career on the head to concentrate on "being a wife and mother" - by which we guess she means instructing her solicitor to send more letters denying that David's shagging behind her back (wife) and making sure the nanny isn't shagging David behind her back (mother).

Of course, this is terrible news for the music industry - it's going to create a yawning gap for one single taking an ill-advised 'new direction' stuttering out at number seven every two years, and it's far from clear that Geri Halliwell is going to be able to take up the slack on her own.

We're sure she's quit music before, though - didn't she give it all up in 2003 after the Damon Dash debacle?


Anonymous said...

She's probably decided she needs more time in order to prepare to read her kids The Very Hungry Caterpillar...

simon h b said...

Yesterday, somebody said to me "of course she has no time to read books... have you got any idea how long it takes to find Wally?"

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