Tuesday, August 30, 2005

ROCK SICK LIST: But at least I'm not in Journey... oh

Trouble over at Journey's Jones Beach show on Long Island at the weekend, where Jonathan Cain needed hospital treatment after he came off stage. The Journey guy had his appendix whipped out in a hurry; dates this coming week have been cancelled to allow him to recover.


Darren H said...

Argh! Where does that come from? Six weeks left to live but at least I'm not in Journey?

You're killing me! Is it HMHB?

Please tell...pleasepleaseplease!!!!

I'll never sleep again.

Anonymous said...

Sign on you craaaazy diamond...

simon h b said...

Why don't they have any badminton courts in the jungle?

Because there isn't the demand...

Yes, it's Half Man Half Biscuit. Sleep well tonight, Darren

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