Friday, August 26, 2005


While we've hugely enjoyed the sight of two old men arguing over who the size of the penises (Keith Richards has now apologised to Mick Jagger for suggesting his cock was small), but we can't help wondering if all this willy-waving is little more than an attempt to distract attention from the whole row over the song that may or may not have been about George Bush.

Anyway, being a stately man of rock, Keith sent out a spokesperson:

"He has apologised to Mick because he was trying to be complimentary and ended appearing offensive.

"But that's the end of the matter. He did say that Mick had big balls as in he admired him because he was gutsy and courageous. How would he know anything about the size of his willy?"

We don't know... opening a dressing room door too soon? Drunken skinny dipping bet? Jerry Hall blabbing?

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dr entropy said...

all those chocolate orgies they were supposed to have had?

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