Thursday, August 25, 2005


It's either incredibly inspired or dangerously wobbly to invite Lauren Laverne to become one of the new hosts for CD:UK. Obviously, we'd invite her to host anything, but... either they're going to be changing the tone of the show, or she's not a very good fit.

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And the fact they've hired Mylene Klass to co-present with her suggests that they're not really planning on changing the tone of the show very much. (What happened to Mylene turning her back on the pop world to concentrate on her first love of classical music, by the way? Has she remembered that her real first love was presenting TV programmes and being in Heat?)

How lucky that when the show relaunches, September 17th, she's that month's girl on the FHM calendar:

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Making up the numbers is Johnny P, who actually is a little more interesting than his bare CV ("presenter on Trouble") makes him sound.

His dad was a member of The Fantastics. (The soul band who did Something Old, Something New in the 70s; not the superhero gang.)


Simon said...

I recall an interview Lauren gave just after Pop!, the shortlived Saturday afternoon Five attempt at doing a pop show in a proper live setting, where she said she didn't take to ending up introducing the same pop acts every week in the same fixed grin way and had some particularly choice words for Westlife. Remember when we all thought she was destined to become a massive TV presence, some time around Planet Pop and well before Johnny Vaughan Tonight? As someone I can't remember the identity of said, there's something inherently wrong about watching Laverne sound excited about Daniel Bedingfield doing a "special cover version".

Note how the three are billed as replacing Cat, suggesting even Zenith Media regrets Dave Berry (and Holly Willoughby, who's currently listed as guest presenter in residence on the show's site) Having watched his attempts at presenting E4's live V coverage at the weekend, I'm not surprised.

Anonymous said...

i remember and i feel very old and very sad. i think its a horrible waste. although i hope i'm wrong and its part of a cunning lauren plan to take over the universe by sending subliminal messages thru the tv.

simon h b said...

She was certainly sending out subliminal messages when she was doing that Orange Playlist thing - "help me! help me!" mostly.

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