Thursday, August 25, 2005


You've got to love the attention to detail over at Liverpool City Council - already having a bad week what the plans for a half a billion pounds worth of new hospital clashing with the big, new road the local ratepayers are funding to get customers to the Duke of Westminter's shiny new shops, it now turns out they've screwed up the wristbands for this weekend's McFly gig at the Albert Dock.

In order to keep everyone safe at the Bank Holiday event, someone needed to take responsibility for keeping the numbers manageable. A wristband seemed to be the perfect way forward - no wristband, no entry. Brilliant. Trouble is, the council managed to print the wrong date on them; presumably not the sort of detail they felt required any special attention. Now, they're having to reassure everyone that although the bands say "Sunday", they're actually intended for Monday.

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