Monday, August 01, 2005


With all those bombs in London, your first thought - as, indeed, was ours, was how was Natalie imbruglia?. Thankfully, she was safe:

Imbruglia was down at her house on White Lilies Island near Windsor with her husband, Australian rock singer Daniel Johns. They were coming to the end of an unusually long phase of togetherness in their long-distance relationship, about to enjoy a final week on Richard Branson's Necker Island, when the bombs went off.

"I know it's selfish but I was glad to be going away the next day," she says. "I was in shock because I do take things on, you know. But you have to get on with your life. If you read too much news, you feel sick. You feel helpless. All you can do is pray."

Yes, thank god nat was able to get from the relative safety of not being anywhere near London to the absolute safety of being on a posh island - thank god she went ahead with her plans. It's not "selfish", Nat - if you hadn't flown off for a holiday in a luxury resort, the terrorists would have won.


Anonymous said...

Poor Nat. Apparently she was so fed up of people going up and down the river and (how dare they!) LOOKING at her house, she put up a big hedge so nobody could see in. Now it's grown so high that she can't see out, either. Silly girl.

simon h b said...

Added to which, she recorded an album giving her full address on it as a title, and then complained that people turned up trying to see her.

Anonymous said...

nats is sweet though,she is a lovely person.

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