Friday, September 23, 2005


And while we're on the subject of those crazy, crazy 3am Girls, you have to wonder what their knowledge base actually is. Take this bit on Franz Ferdinand this morning:

FRANZ Ferdinand are one of the coolest indie bands around and the Scots foursome certainly have some obscure tastes in music.

Well, they do - reviving The Fire Engine's career isn't the most obvious thing to do, and you can hear jackdaw pieces of all sorts of things in their music. So, what's prompted Jessica, Eva and Bruce to "reveal" this?

They've asked not-notably-trendy Radio 4 for permission to use the Sailing By theme from the 00:48 shipping forecast on their upcoming tour.

Sailing By "obscure"? It's one of the most famous pieces of music in the nation, surely? And if Radio 4 isn't "notably trendy" how come one of its programmes is being tipped to provide the toy of the year this Christmas?

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