Friday, September 23, 2005


Actually, although the Mirror's 3am girls think that it must have been "humiliating" for Kanye West to be turned away from Chinawhites because the doorguy didn't recognise him - but surely that sort of thing is more humiliating for the bouncer, whose job is to spot the voguish and known and allow them to enter, thus winning the so-last-year club glowing press coverage? Apparently he let Makosi (off Big Brother) straight in, too. Yes, it shows Chinawhite doesn't know its stars from its irritants, but "you can rub shoulders with someone off a gameshow rather than the hottest star in rap" is humilating for them, not him.

Talking of humiliation... this is the photo the Mirror are using:

It's captioned PALS: Kanye and 3am's Eva and Jessica. Pals? If they're such good pals, why are they crowing over their buddy not getting into a nightclub? And if they're such good pals, how come the photo looks exactly like the sort that a teeanger from Tring might get his mate to snap if he bumped into someone famous in Tescos?

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