Friday, September 16, 2005


Oh, thank you, Jay-Z. What the rap world really needs right now is for you to go on the radio and yell "I declare war".

Hang about, wasn't Jay-Z supposed to be going about under his other name, Twitter P Bilderburge or Shawn Colvin or whatever it was? Or is that just when he's trying to do "business" in Europe? It's an interesting idea; you have one name when you're trying to sell training shoes and pull together financing; another for when you're attempting to keep a stupid and literally murderous pointless fued going in order to push records. We wonder why Cheney didn't think of that - he could have been Dick Cheney when he was helping decide who'd get government contracts, and Fattacat Dicky Ticka when he was enjoying the good soup with his former homies at Haliburton. Clearly, the White House has a lot to learn from Jay-Z.