Saturday, September 17, 2005


The thing that jail chiefs across Southern California feared the most - Courtney Love turning up as an inmate - has been avoided as a kindly old judge decided that Courtney has been making excellent progress on delaing with her drug problems and shouldn't go to chokey:

"I'm very pleased with your progress," Judge Rubin said on Friday. "I think this is an excellent first step on the road to recovery."

Oddly, though, she will be having to live at a clinic which she won't be able to leave for three months, so not entirely not going to prison, then.

Her probation has been extended to 2007, but while Love manages to put that part of her life in order, another problem presents itself - Kristin King, who Love admitted hitting with a bottle last February (she admitted it in February, she hit her the previous April), is now set to sue her. Courtney is spending so much time in courts, the coffee shop will be presenting her with her own pewter tankard, like they did for Pete Beale.