Saturday, September 24, 2005


Who knew that Status Quo would be such good value on Coronation Street? Happy enough to have the piss ripped out them, being protrayed as slightly deluded prima donnas (Rick Parfitt needing a roadie to take him from the corner of the Rovers to the toilets in case of paparazis hiding behind the hot pot was a classic) and borderline obsessive (apparently, Francis Rossi had been scanning the crowds for two decade, seeking the man who pulled him off stage and gave him whiplash in the 80s - Les Battersby, as it turns out).

Highlight of the evening, though, was drummer Matt Letley - as Chesney attempted to prove to a disbelieving Les that the Quo were in the Rovers by getting the band to sign his jacket, Letley leant forward to pick up the pen. "Who are you?" challenged Chesney.

"I'm the drummer" replies Letley, only to be rebuffed with a dismissive snort.

There was no lets-do-a-show-outside-Underworld schtick, and there aren't many bands who feel comfortable enough of their position in the public eye to greenlight a script which sees them driving off in a van while a regular character lies on the pavement, blood pouring from his nose, burbling "I've been beaten up by Status Quo."

Marvellously, stupidly surreal.


Anonymous said...

The roadie incidentally was Danny the dealer from Withnail & I

simon h b said...

Aaah! I knew I vaguely recognised him from somewhere...

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