Tuesday, September 13, 2005


If you've been wondering how Charlotte Church managed to go out with that dipshoe Johnson for eighteen months despite his obvious character flaws, it could just be that she's a lousy judge of character. Indeed, she believes that Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes are in love rather than being held together by a more mundane contract:

Welsh Church once met the Hollywood hunk backstage on US TV's The Tonight Show With Jay Leno and was bowled over by his sincerity.

She says, "He was so genuine. I can't believe that he'd be going out with Katie Holmes if he didn't love her."

And Cruise is just as much a fan of the soprano-turned-pop singer. He once admitted that his children listen to her album as they go to sleep.

Of course, the version his kids are played as they drift off to dreamland does have the ranting of L Ron Hubbard backmasked on it.