Monday, September 26, 2005


It would be slightly easier to have a degree of sympathy for Sharon Osbourne's announcement that she's unable to beat bulimia if the revelation wasn't coming as part of an exclusive deal to flog her life to The Sun, complete with horrible, self-satisified TV advertising campaign.

In case you managed to miss the TV ads, a crowd of journalists were gathered outside Osbourne Manor barking questions at a limo while Sharon woodenly delivered "I cannot comment" lines before settling back into the car seat to read her own story in the Sun.

Actually, this was a little more honest than Sharon probably expected - who, except a desperate publicity whore would wind down their car's tinted windows to be photographed when she was contractually obliged to not say anything? And isn't there something a little too revealing in her stilted delivery of some words scripted by someone else forbidding her from talking about her own life to anyone else, because she's sold it for a handfull of beans to Rupert Murdoch? And the final scene, of Sharon settling down to look at herself in the papers - presumably she's off taking the paper to be framed - really does sum up the self-obsession of the woman.

What is puzzling, though, is why The Sun thinks that Sharon's story is not only worth paying for, but apparently today's big news...

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