Monday, September 26, 2005


The passing of the entire front page to a story that is 'woman the country doesn't like much writes book' must, surely have been a contractual deal, which is the only way we can imagine that the paper managed to throw away their pictures of Charlotte Church in a latex dress at GAY on an inside page.

Mind you, perhaps the paper just didn't think the pictures were that good - they seemed to think that she looked like a short, tubby bloke:

SINGER Charlotte Church takes the stage in a tight-fitting latex frock — and looks just like gay Little Britain Welshman Daffyd.

Charlotte, 19, made a striking double for comic Matt Lucas in his costume for TV’s Daffyd who says he is “the only gay in the village”.

To be honest, we don't see it ourselves - perhaps the Sun just thinks that everything wrapped in rubber looks the same to them. I bet they're a hoot when their boyfriends put condoms on...

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