Thursday, October 06, 2005


When Justin Timberlake played the young Elton John in a video a couple of years back, he made a pretty good hand of it, and Elton seemed to know exactly who he was. We're not so sure Timo would make such a good Johnny Rotten - Lydon wants to cast him in his biopic - and we're certain aging estate agent Lydon hasn't really got a clue who he is. He doesn't know his name, for a start:

"I've asked Jason Timberlake to do it. He hasn't said yes but I think it would work because he's a damn fine singer. But he's beginning to look bored."

We're not sure, either, why being a good singer would be a requirement to play Lydon - it's not like he's one of the Three Tenors. We wonder what "Jason" said when the offer was made? "Thanks, James", we hope.

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