Tuesday, October 04, 2005

COMEDYOBIT: Ronnie Barker

As the world, as one, reaches for the "and it's goodnight from him" headline, Ronnie Barker has died. Although The Two Ronnies were a little overfond of Elkie Brooks, The Manhattan Transfer and - most shamefully of all - Phil Collins, and the bulk of their comedy skits were more often built around light opera or popular classical, the pair did sometimes have a tilt at the pop world - perhaps Ronnie's most memorable (and obscure) impression being the time he dressed up as Kid Creole for a rousing chorus of "There's something wrong, my parrot's died."

Ultimately, of course: He was in Porridge. And - more or less - had the wisdom to leave the stage early and (hardly) never made any comebacks. A sad loss.

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