Tuesday, October 04, 2005


The powers that are over at Horslips writes to take us to task for not paying proper attention to Sinead O'Connor over the last few weeks - where, of course, "proper attention" would be slack jawed amazement as she attempts to deny her entire past to date:

I've been particularly impressed with her disavowals of earlier controversial statements made in her career. That's nice going: get a headline out of saying something stupid when you say it and then twenty years later when you 'un'say it.

Of course, this time round, she's not having as much luck hitting the headlines as she did before. Indeed, Contactmusic are having trouble placing her - "Sinead O'what? The song Troy? Who?...

Image hosted by TinyPic.com

... the movie Troy, do you mean?

That comes as - having attempted to rub out her previous claims - she's now refusing to do any of the songs she's famous for:

"I'm really proud of them. For a little girl to have written some of those songs... I wrote my songs as therapy, if you like."

If one of us had suggested she was a little girl when she was writing that stuff, she'd have, quite rightly, come round and kicked us with her DMs.

So the songs were therapy, were they? Not very good, by the sound of it (and if memory serves)...

"I don't go back to it. I don't want to go there emotionally. I haven't paid all this money for therapy for fucking nothing.

She does, however, have rather a good gag:

"In Dublin I was doing this show one night and somebody yelled out, 'Troy, Troy.'

"And I went, 'I'm fucking troying.'"

(You have to do the accent, though, or it doesn't work.)


Miss Templeton said...

I thought you'd like the photo. I would have preferred Troy Donahue myself. Dreamy!

We'd both better steer clear of certain Dublin restaurants now. She's been known to throw things.

simon h b said...

Or she might rip our photos up.

On the bright side, she'll be sorry about it in 2025

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